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Accounts Receivable

Streamline the treasury solutions you have in place to manage your cash flow, increase your efficiencies, gain faster access to working capital, and elevate your technological capabilities with our accounts receivable service and support.

Stay fast, flexible, and funded so you’re a step ahead of the marketplace; protect yourself from risk while keeping your customers satisfied and your P/L in the black. When you work with our accounts receivable experts, you get a “back office” extension that provides expert advice and customized support.

Control your daily cash position

Controlled Disbursement

Managing payments more effectively.

Controlled Disbursement is a powerful tool that helps you reduce check clearing uncertainty and improve cash forecasting. It allows you to review your pending expenses daily so you can distribute funds to the appropriate accounts accordingly.

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Customizable Receivables Services

Collections via ACH Origination

Using Automated Clearing House (ACH) gives your organization the capability to offer recipients fast, electronic secure payments and ultimately, elevate your working capital management.

ACH transactions are efficient, secure and eliminate check float. You immediately save valuable staffing hours and optimize your receivables process, making it easier to do business. ACH is accessed through Webster Web-Link® and direct file transmission.

Features and benefits
  • Can be completed with Webster Web-Link® and direct file transmission
  • Same day or next day settlement options
  • Reduces processing fees
  • Reduces security risks
  • Collect payments from businesses or consumers while controlling the timing of payment receipt
  • Elevate the speed of your transactions with the flexibility of same-day ACH
  • Ability to process a large number of transactions via templates, file import and processing to multiple recipients through a single batch
  • Eliminates lost or stolen checks as well as time spent reconciling manual checks
  • Can be set up on a recurring schedule to automatically process transactions
  • Ability to approve transactions via mobile device
  • Detail and summary reports available
  • Access up to 18 months of payment history
  • Template and recipient information can be saved for future use

Online Collections via Webster Payment-Link®

Maximize your receivables processing potential with secure online payment options for your customers via Automated Clearing House (ACH), debit and credit cards.

Providing your customers access to convenient online payments helps increase your bottom line. Our online collections solutions are powered by Webster Payment-Link® and give you the ability to achieve a quicker, cleaner, and more secure way to conduct your cash management.

Features and Benefits
  • Powered by Webster Payment-Link®
  • Receive secure ACH, credit and debit payments
  • Customized transmissions or downloads of bills paid
  • Pre-loaded bill data and recurring transaction option
  • Daily receivables reports for automatic system updates
  • Save valuable employee processing hours
  • Pending transaction reports in real-time
  • Email confirmation to payors

Incoming Wire Transfers

Maximize your revenue, reduce your expenses, capitalize on smart technology, receive domestic and international currency wires and gain valuable time with same-day wire transfers.

Features and Benefits
  • Wire posting alerts
  • Receive funds in USD and foreign currencies
  • Receive alert upon wire posting
  • Summary and detail wire reporting
  • Drawdown wire service: submit request to drawdown funds at another financial institution to be wired to your Webster account

Remote Deposits

Put the power of Webster Deposit-Link® to work for your organization and maximize your working capital by expediting deposits with same-day processing available.

The faster checks are deposited, the quicker you can manage your cash to fulfill other operational needs. With Webster Deposit-Link®, you scan checks and submit them electronically with most deposits processed same-day up to 8:00pm ET. Save valuable employee hours processing payments and since a trip to a branch is no longer needed, you also reduce the stress of banking within branch hours.

Features and Benefits
  • Powered by Webster Deposit-Link®
  • Online banking solution best for depositing 100 or more checks a month
  • Expedite deposits and scan checks via Webster Web-Link®
  • Detects check duplication
  • Advanced security features
  • Save trips to a branch location
  • Best for depositing 100 or more checks a month
  • A single point of access
  • Online transaction inquiry by date and/or amount of deposit
  • Automated accounts receivable posting
  • Duplicate check detection
  • Complex security features
  • Eliminates check float
  • Greater convenience than any branch location

Lockbox Processing

As your client base grows, so does the paperwork. Our secure lockbox solutions can substantially streamline your receivables function and shave valuable time off your collection process.

Customers remit payment through a regional P.O. box. We pick them up, process them and deposit them the same day. Payments, plus any additional remittance information, and custom data reports are delivered to you conveniently and securely through Webster Web-Link® or File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Features and Benefits
  • Wholesale is for high-dollar/low-volume payments
  • Retail is for low-dollar/high-volume payments
  • Same-day processing
  • Automatic deposits
  • Customized reporting
  • Specialized for retail (low-dollar/high-volume) and wholesale (high-dollar/low-volume)
  • Convenient automatic deposits
  • Custom analytics delivering more effective accounting
  • Timely reporting through automatic receivables bookkeeping
  • Easy access to deposit documents

Cash Services

Get your cash and coin deposits handled quickly and your cash and coin replenishment conveniently. Most importantly, have peace of mind knowing everything is handled safely and securely.

Your cash and coin orders are delivered via armored car, ensuring the safety of your employees along with your transactions. With our cash deposit services you have the convenience of mixing cash and checks within a single deposit, your cash is verified either same-day or within 24 hours and you benefit from cash handling optimization with SMART safe.

Features and Benefits

Convenient and efficient solutions for ordering or depositing cash or coin

  • Order cash and coin, delivered via armored car
  • Cash verified same-day or within 24 hours
  • Mix cash and checks into a single deposit
  • SMART safe with advance daily credit option

Change orders and deposit processing   

  • Cash and coin is ordered online and can be delivered next-day when placed by 11:00am
  • Customize armored car pickup and delivery schedules based on your needs
  • Ability to deposit cash, coin and checks without leaving the office
  • Daily files transmitted to Webster for posting to your account
  • Online information reports available for deposit and transaction details

SMART safe

  • Optimizes cash handling by electronically capturing and transmitting cash totals
  • Reduces the time spent counting and preparing bank deposits
  • Cash fed directly into safe- counterfeit bills are rejected
  • Safe contents collected, typically once per week
  • Totals are transmitted to Webster, while contents remain in the safe

Merchant Services For Success

Your customers appreciate ease and convenience when remitting payments. We offer a suite of Clover® POS applications, secure payments from all major credit/debit cards, exclusive benefits with specialized reporting through Webster Web-Link®.

Webster Web-Link®

With Webster Web-Link®, you benefit from 75+ robust functions that support your payments and receivables solutions and liquidity management operations for domestic and international clients. Protected by our advanced security technology, Web-Link is available whenever you need access.

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