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The right balance

Liquidity Management

Help manage the liquidity position of your organization. Count on our deep industry expertise, convenient banking and investment solutions.

Our banking solutions strike the right balance between automated strategies, improved profitability, and consolidated management so your organization can gain more control over working capital and improve day-to-day cash flow.

Control your daily cash position

Controlled Disbursement

Managing payments more effectively.

Controlled Disbursement is a powerful tool that helps you reduce check clearing uncertainty and improve cash forecasting. It allows you to review your pending expenses daily so you can distribute funds to the appropriate accounts accordingly.

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Banking solutions for all organizations

Checking and Money Markets

When it comes to accessing your funds, we understand that you need flexibility and convenience. Our suite of deposit accounts is specifically designed to help meet your unique needs.Incorporate our suite of checking, savings and money market accounts for organizations, municipalities and non-profits.

Customizable Solutions

Commercial checking

The checking account to manage any organization’s cash flow.  Available with complex cash management services and a competitive earnings credit

Client Account Manager/Sub-accounting
For any business that manages escrow funds. You benefit from simplified bookkeeping and tax reporting

Municipal and Municipal Plus Checking®
Government-friendly, easy-to-use accounts with varied levels of credit earnings plus expanded recordkeeping and cash management tools

For organizations with a large number of transactions and balances greater than $50K

Savings and money markets

Premium Business money market savings
An account for your organization’s short-term cash position

Secure Municipal account
Fully collateralized money market account, offering municipalities higher interest rates. Great for short-term investments because 100% of your account is collateral on a weekly basis

Health Savings Accounts
Innovative solutions that work with high-deductible health plans. Administered through HSA Bank®, a national leader in HSA administration and a division of Webster Bank

Specialty reporting

Specialty reporting services cover all the necessary details to keep you regulatory compliant while simplifying your accounting, tax reporting, agent reporting, and account reconciliation processes. Through Webster Web-Link®, all your transaction tracking and reporting is protected by our advanced security system with the convenience of online and mobile accessibility.

Our suite of specialty reporting

Escrow reporting
  • Specifically for law firms, real estate agencies, property management, title companies, municipalities, and any other organizations that manage escrow funds.
  • Consolidated statements provide a single source for client sub-accounts in summary or detail format.
  • Seamlessly manage multiple clients.
Account reconciliation
  • Enhances your organization’s audit and fraud control through Positive Pay, cash forecasting and general accounting.
  • Options for partial and full reconciliations.
  • Partial reconciliation offers a complete list of monthly paid checks in numerical order.
  • Full reconciliation allows for check issuance file transmission each time a check is issued with a monthly account reconciliation including outstanding checks.
Agent deposit reporting
  • Designed for multiple-location organizations.
  • Unique ID numbers in MICR line of deposit tickets for each location for ease of tracking.
  • Single checking deposit for all accounts.
  • Options for daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • Streamlined reconciliation provides reduced monthly bank fees.

Automatic Investing

Borrow only what you need to when you need to; improve your account rebalancing process with automation; make the most out of your excess cash with automatic investing; and take advantage of the most competitive interest rates offered.

Integration and consolidation can give you more control over your organization’s working capital. Let our suite of auto investing cash balancing solutions help improve your day-to-day cash flow without taking up valuable employee hours. Our treasury sales specialists will help you decide which solutions are best for you.

Convenient and efficient

Auto investing/Euro sweep
  • Automatically invests excess cash (based on a target balance) into an investment product at end of each business day
  • Auto Invest in Repurchase Agreements
  • Investment products are not FDIC insured
Autoborrow account
  • Convenient way to manage your cash flow
  • Automatically draws funds when you need them
  • Automatically pays down balances when funds are available
  • Keeps interest to a minimum
  • Reduces manual hours spent on transfers and tracking
Zero balance account
  • Centralizes funds with a single concentration account
  • Automatically transfers to and from concentration account at close of business day
  • Zero available balance for each sub-account every morning
  • Daily postings for regular transaction activities posted to sub-accounts
  • Eliminates need to manually initiate account-to-account transfers

Liquidity Solutions

Improve your organization’s bottom line with a variety of solutions designed to help you make the most of your liquid assets. Our specialists focus on your organization’s growth opportunities, challenges, and operations while incorporating their market expertise and product knowledge to build a customized strategy to support your goals.

Explore a variety of options

Commercial paper
A promissory note issued by creditworthy corporations. Minimum investment is $100K. Not FDIC insured
  • Offers a fixed maturity date
  • Maturities range from 1 to 270 days
  • Can be purchased at a discount or on an interest-bearing basis
  • Subject to safekeeping fee
  • Not available to municipalities
Repurchase agreements
Combines the safety of investing in a government or government agency security with the flexibility of matching maturities. Minimum investment is $50K. Not FDIC insured
  • Fixed rate of return
  • Known as “repos”
  • Simple interest at maturity calculated on an actual-over-360-day basis
  • Flexible maturity dates
  • Daily market value is equal to or greater than the dollar amount invested
  • No service charges
U.S. Treasury securities
Minimum credit risk bills, notes and bonds backed or sponsored by the U.S. government. Minimum investment is $100K. Not FDIC insured

Treasury bills

  • Maturity terms of 4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year availability at auction
  • Maturities from 1 week to 1 year available for purchase in the secondary market
  • Guaranteed returns when held to maturity

Treasury notes and bonds

  • Notes: maturities of 2-10 years
  • Bonds: maturities of 10 years or more
  • Semi-annual interest payments
  • Face value at maturity
Government agency securities
Short- and medium-term products. Not direct obligations of the U.S. Typically offer guarantees/sponsorships and a higher return than treasuries. Minimum investment is $100K. Not FDIC insured

Discount notes

  • Comparable to a Treasury bill – issued at a discount and mature to par value in short-term intervals

Medium-term notes

  • Like Treasury notes – offered with a stated coupon for a fixed period of time and pay semi-annual interest
Jumbo CDs
Negotiable time deposits that pay a fixed interest over fixed periods of time. Minimum investment is $100K. FDIC insured
  • Simple interest calculated on an actual –over-360-day basis
  • Paid at maturity or semi-annually when original maturity is greater than one year
  • Choose your maturity date – 7 day minimum
Eurodollar time deposits
U.S. dollar denomination deposits issued by our Grand Caymans branch. Minimum investment is $100K. Not FDIC insured
  • Highest interest rate among our solutions
  • Pays at maturity
  • Term deposits up to one year
  • Not available to municipalities

Keep in mind

You will have a Webster deposit account to take advantage of these solutions; some may charge a transaction fee; and interest rates are subject to market conditions.

Positive Pay

Prevent fraud before it happens. Through Webster Web-Link® consolidated Fraud Control Center for Positive Pay, you can save your organization the substantial costs and security breaches of potential ACH and check fraud.

Learn more

Webster Web-Link®

With Webster Web-Link®, you benefit from 75+ robust functions that support your payments and receivables solutions and liquidity management operations for domestic and international clients. Protected by our advanced security technology, Web-Link is available whenever you need access.

Learn more

Let’s enable your success.


While some products listed above may offer FDIC insurance, others may not. Please review each product description carefully (through the links provided) and contact Webster’s Treasury Sales area at 1-888-578-2323 with any questions, or for additional information.

* Not available to municipalities.

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